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Hydrotomie Percutanée

specialised in integrative pain management

Wilfried Beijersbergen

Wilfried Beijersbergen

As an Anaesthetist Nurse and Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine, I've been able to develop skills and tools for pain management over the last 15 years, whether during surgery in the operating theatre, the recovery room, the intensive care unit or the Centre Algos pain centre. 

Becoming a Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine as part of the Federal Diploma seemed to me an obvious way to deal with pain. Experience shows that proposing solutions to alleviate or even silence symptoms brings comfort to the patient, but does not solve the underlying cause or health problem in the long term. The body in imbalance will continue to express symptoms, however varied, until the real work is done.   

After a long and discouraging medical journey, Wilfried was able to give me hope again by helping and supporting me in the best possible way. Many thanks to him :)

I highly recommend him!

Laura, Morges

Covered by your supplementary insurance

The Algos Centre is recognised by the RME (Registre des Médecines Empiriques)
and Visana

Centre Algos is accredited by the Registre de Médecine Empirique RME, which works with most complementary health insurance companies.


I leave it to you to contact your insurance company in advance to find out whether my services will be reimbursed by your complementary health insurance in accordance with the terms & conditions of your contract. 

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