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Treatment Room Centre Algos

Wilfried Beijersbergen

Photo Wilfried Beijersbergen

As an Anaesthetist Nurse and Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine, I've been able to develop skills and tools for pain management over the last 15 years, whether during surgery in the operating theatre, the recovery room, the intensive care unit or the Centre Algos pain centre. 

Becoming a Naturopath in Traditional European Medicine as part of the Federal Diploma seemed to me an obvious way to deal with pain. Experience shows that proposing solutions to alleviate or even silence symptoms brings comfort to the patient, but does not solve the underlying cause or health problem in the long term. The body in imbalance will continue to express symptoms, however varied, until the real work is done.   

Our role as healthcare professionals is to relieve the patient's pain, whether physical, psychological and/or emotional, but also to identify the imbalances in the body that have led to the illness. Getting the patient's condition under control is essential if long-term health is to be restored. My philosophy of care is to put out the fire and prevent it from reigniting, rather than to keep putting out the flames.


  • DU (Diplôme Universitaire) Alimentation Santé Micronutrition Fondamentale

Diploma in progress

Université de Bourgogne 2022 - 2024
Dijon, France

  • Diplôme de Naturopathe en Médecine Traditionnelle Européenne (Maxima Cum Laude) Federal Diploma in progress

Higher professional school of
Naturopathy (EPSN) 2020-2022
Epalinges, Switzerland

  • CAS Accompagnement Clinique en Soins Spécialisées (Suma Cum Laude)

Institut Fédérale des hautes écoles en
Formation Professionnelle (IFFP) 2016-2017
Renens, Switzerland

  • Diplôme d'État d'infirmier Anesthésiste (Master Level)

Institut des Métiers de la Santé 

École d'Infirmier Anesthésiste 2011-2013
Bordeaux. France

  • Diplôme d'État d'infirmier (Bachelor Level)

Formation en Soins Infirmiers 2005-2008
Nantes. France

Formations, Extra-Professional Certificates

  • Certificat d'Instructeur BLS AED 2019

  • Certificat Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) 2018

  • CFAPSE (équivalent secouriste IAS niveau 3) pour la France 2003

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