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"I've been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 2 years and I had tendonitis that wouldn't let go, as well as swelling and pain in the joints of my fingers. On the advice of my daughter, who knew Mr Beijersbergen, I made an appointment with him.

Thanks to the therapies that Mr Beijersbergen carries out with impeccable professionalism, his advice and his attentive listening, I have regained a good quality of life. After just a few sessions of percutaneous hydrotomy, my tendonitis disappeared. I then decided to have my finger joints treated, and I haven't regretted it a bit. My mobility has improved and the swelling and pain disappeared after just a few sessions. I'm also continuing to take various prescriptions which are successfully complementing the improvements I'm feeling.

I'd like to thank Mr Beijersbergen, who knows how to support his patients with kindness. With his sense of a job well done and his characteristic good humour, he was able to encourage me to continue with my treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his professional expertise. "


"I have suffered from arthritis for many years and have been in constant pain for most of my life. I have tried many approaches to pain relief, including medication and physiotherapy, but nothing really seemed to work. That's when I discovered the Algos Centre and its holistic approach to pain management on the Internet.


I was immediately taken with Wilfried's holistic approach and his lifestyle recommendations were invaluable and effective. 

Over time I began to feel a real improvement in my symptoms. My pain has diminished and I feel more energetic and fit than ever. I am truly grateful to Wilfried and the Algos Centre for his care. "

SOPHIE, Lausanne

"I have struggled with chronic pain for years and have tried various treatments without much success. But since coming to the Algos Centre and working with Wilfried, I have seen a significant improvement in my pain levels and overall quality of life.

The phytotherapy and percutaneous hydrotomy treatments recommended by Wilfried have been incredibly effective for my pain. I was impressed with the personal approach of Wilfried, who took the time to understand my unique situation and develop a treatment plan that best suited me. 

I am now ready to change my diet, which is a very complicated subject for me. 


Thank you Wilfried for giving me back my quality of life. "

ANTOINE, Fribourg

"I suffered from chronic elbow tendonitis before I found the Algos Centre. 

I had 6 sessions with Wilfried and it was ancient history. He took the time to understand how my pain had developed, and was reassuring during the treatment. I was able to return to sport without pain. 

I can highly recommend him. "


"I developed an inflamed elbow after banging it against the hinge of my wardrobe. Despite taking ibuprofen and other medicines for three weeks, the inflammation got worse and I lost the use of my arm.

Fortunately, I found the Algos Centre and Wilfried Beijersbergen. After a consultation, he suggested a treatment called 'wet cupping', which involves making small holes in the skin and using a suction cup to extract the blood and inflammation.

I was a bit nervous at first, but Wilfried's knowledge, skill and confidence put me at ease. After the first session, 80% of the pain was gone and after two more sessions, the inflammation was completely gone within a week.

I would highly recommend Wilfried and the Algos Centre to anyone in need of pain relief. I give them a 5 star rating and will definitely return if needed in the future! "

LAURA, Morges

"In addition to a very warm and humane welcome, the various methods used at the Algos Centre have greatly relieved my pain and improved my quality of life.


After a long and discouraging medical journey, Wilfried was able to give me hope by helping and accompanying me in the best possible way. Thank you :)

I highly recommend him!"


"A wonderful discovery of alternative medicine, which was my last hope. Wilfried is very attentive, professional and accessible. I recommend him with my eyes closed "

ANTOINE, Doubs, France

"Wilfried is professional, a good listener and very caring. I came to him for a back problem I'd had for years, and Wilfried was able to find an effective therapy.

I felt the benefits from the very first sessions. I highly recommend him."

NATHALIE, Fribourg

"My treatment at the Algos Centre enabled me to avoid knee surgery and to significantly reduce pain in my hands and elbows.
Wise dietary advice and micro-nutritional follow-up helped me to improve my general well-being."


"I've been suffering from back pain for several years now. The only relief I got was from anti-inflammatory drugs, and only for a short time. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr. Beijersbergen by my family doctor. 


We've now had about ten sessions and for the first time I've noticed a complete remission of my back pain.


I can recommend anyone with pain to see Mr Beijersbergen, he's competent, a good listener and very kind."

FILIPE, Bonnefontaine

"Wilfried will give you a warm welcome at the Algos Centre in Fribourg. An excellent professional who takes the time to listen to you very carefully, his advice and recommendations allowed me to start the treatment with great serenity.

Percutaneous hydrotomy was the treatment I chose for my frozen shoulder problem and I noticed improvements from the second session.


Wilfried has mastered this technique perfectly and after just a few sessions I'm finally able to move almost completely without pain. Needless to say, I'm continuing my treatment with complete peace of mind!

This is an alternative to conventional medicine that I urge you to discover for yourself. I can only recommend the Algos Centre in Fribourg and leave you in the hands of Wilfried. "Many thanks" "


" I was desperate to see Wilfried because of chronic pain. After a few appointments, my pain was gone.


He's professional, a good listener, offers a range of therapies and looks at the whole person. I felt listened to, supported, encouraged and guided. I highly recommend him. "


" Exceptional welcome, effective treatment. I'm alive again! "

HUGUETTE, Treyvaux

" Wilfried Beijersbergen is above all a beautiful person who listens to his patients. His advice is very effective and his treatments are miraculous. I was suffering from foot and knee pain. I was also overweight. I LIVE AGAIN. THANK YOU. "

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